Veranstaltungen zu digitaler Barrierefreiheit

Bei unserer Arbeit und Recherche zu digitaler Barrierefreiheit finden wir immer wieder vielseitige Veranstaltungen, die in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz stattfinden und hier gesammelt werden. Hinzu kommen spannende deutsch- und englischsprachige Online-Events und Webinare.

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Kontinuierliche Veranstaltungen


Die AXSchat Community veranstaltet jede Woche ein Videointerview mit Personen, die im Bereich Inklusion und Barrierefreiheit zu tun haben. Am Dienstagabend auf Twitter wird darüber diskutiert. #axschat


A11yTalks sind ein monatliches virtuelles Meetup rund um digitale Barrierefreiheit. Die Termine werden auf Twitter @A11YTalks verkündet. Aufzeichungen der Meetups stehen auf dem YouTube-Kanal von Accessibility Talks.

Digital Accessibility Experts

Monatliches Webinar zur Unterstützung von Führungskräften, die Herausforderungen im Bereich der digitalen Barrierefreiheit bewältigen müssen: Digital Accessibility Experts.

WAS Series by A11y Princeton

A11y Princeton meetups behandeln Themen, die für die digitale Barrierefreiheit relevant sind. Aktuell behandeln sie Themen des IAAP-Zertifizierungslehrplans für Web Accessibility Specialist (WAS), der von der Deque University angeboten wird.

IAAP D-A-CH Lerngruppe

Seit letztem Jahr geht es voran mit den deutschsprachigen IAAP-Zertifizierungen. Im Accessibility Club Slack-Channel # iaap-dach gibt es eine deutschsprachige Lerngruppe. 

Veranstaltungen zu Barrierefreiheit

Mai 2021

Microsoft Ability Summit 2021

| Online

About the Event & RegistrationAbility Summit is a two-day, free digital event experience that brings together people with disabilities, allies, and accessibility professionals to Imagine, Build, Include, and Empower the future of disability inclusion and accessibility.

WordPress Meetup Bonn #wpbn - Barrierefreie Website Tools mit Beispiel

| Online

Der Mai-Meetup beschäftigt sich mit  dem Thema “Barrierefreiheit”  - und die Realisierung in WordPress.

How Any Organization Can Start Small but Deliver Big with Accessibility

| Online

Attendees will learn how they can assess the scope of their business’s accessibility responsibilities, start with prioritized small changes that have a big impact, and pay for only what they use.

IAAP EU Online Series #1: A Common Ground for Accessibility Interpretation – Certification as Award Criteria or Obligation?

| Online

A panel of distinguished European experts will discuss the need for consistency, and whether the harmonised regulations are leading to increased cross border-offerings of accessibility goods and services.

Accessibility-Workshop: Sprache macht's barrierefrei

| Online

Es geht darum, Komplexität und daraus entstehende Barrieren zu reduzieren. Das bezieht sich nicht nur auf die schiere Menge an Text, sondern auch auf Wortwahl, Satzlänge, Abstraktion und Textaufbau.

Whole-to-Part versus Part-to-Whole: How Sighted and Blind Web Navigation Differs

| Online

A common ground will be created between sighted and blind communities to ensure blind screen reader users are best accommodated in Web and other digital design.

Intro to Web Accessibility

| Online

If web accessibility isn’t a key part of digital design and development, people end up confronting barriers that prevent them from using the Web for critical life situations.

Digital Design for Dementia

| Online

In this event, Daniel Mclaughlan, AbilityNet Accessibility and Usability Consultant offers tips for designing websites for dementia and, in doing so, creating an inclusive design that is better for everyone.

AccessU 2021

| Online

Starts with full-day hands-on accessibility workshops May 13. Virtual AccessU May 18, 19, & 20. Produced by Knowbility since 2004 and as a virtual conference since 2020.  

Translating Design Wireframes into Accessible HTML/CSS

| Online

The Event is for front-end developers and designers seeking practical accessibility skills that you can apply on the job. Attendees should be comfortable with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and have a basic understanding of what accessibility is.

Get It Right the 1st Time: How to Stop 80% of your A11Y Bugs During Development

| Online

 Looking deeply at WCAG audits conducted by experts over a 3 year time period, we’ve discovered an incredible insight. Automated testing can help us all far more than we’ve traditionally thought.


bis | Frankfurt

Die SightCity Frankfurt ist die jährliche Messe für Hilfsmittel für Blinde und Sehbehinderte.

Global Accessibility Awareness Day

| Online

Join the Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) to continue to spread awareness. The purpose of GAAD is to get everyone talking, thinking and learning about digital access/inclusion and people with different disabilities. Find or Submit an Event on the GAAD-Website.

GAAD 2021: Digitales Prüfen zwischen Barrierefreiheit und angemessenen Vorkehrungen

| Online

Am Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) 2021 findet ein Austausch über die zugängliche und inklusionsorientierte Gestaltung von digitalen Prüfungen statt. Es steht bei Bedarf eine Schriftdolmetschung zur Verfügung.

Accessibility Days 

| Online

The Italian awareness-raising event about Accessibility and Inclusivity of digital technologies.

Digital Accessibility Summit

| Online

Die Online-Veranstaltung geht unter anderem auf folgende Themen ein: Stand der  digitalen Barrierefreiheit in Deutschland, gute Beispiele in der digitalen Bildung und viele mehr.  Mit Bereitstellung von Gebärden- und Schriftdolmetschung, Leichte Sprache und Audiodeskription.

Texthelp's Festival of Accessibility

| Online

Explore how you could and should be building accessibility into your digital plans.

Facebook-EDF Policy roundtable on the European Accessibility Act

| Online

Join to discuss with a particular focus on the impact for the digital world, together with representatives the challenges and opportunities of this landmark legislation.

Accessibility Camp Bay Area

| Online

Focusing on users with different disabilities, sessions can cover digital accessibility topics from the web (technical to tactical), desktop software, mobile apps, eLearning, online gaming, open source innovations, and everything in between.

Virtua11y web accessibility conference

| Online

Virtua11y brings the leading thinkers and doers in accessibility and digital inclusion to share best practice, the latest thinking and what the future holds for accessibility.

IAAP EU Online Series #2: The European Accessibility Act – Focusing on E-Commerce

| Online

A panel of distinguished European experts will discuss what the increased legislation covering certain products and services will mean to different stakeholders. 

#a11yTO Camp

| Online

#a11yTO Camp opening the doors for a free day of accessibility learning. 

Juni 2021

Access at Home: Let’s talk about the world beyond the pandemic.

| Online

Some of the topics are: Accessibility lessons from the pandemic, how to ensure their hybrid workplaces are accessible - and many more .

UX Writer Conferenze 

| Online

This event is tailored to those writers who have made “UX Writer” emblematic of their core career interests. This is a great time to start sharing our thoughts and techniques with each other in a dedicated event.

IAAP EU Online Series #3: The Web Accessibility Directive Under Review – How May It Change and How Can You Have Your Say?

| Online

A panel of distinguished European experts from across the EU representing monitoring bodies from five member states, as well as representatives from end user organisations, will discuss the key aspects of enforcement of the directive and different ways of implementation.

Accessibility Summer Camp 2021

| Online

The Accessibility Summer Camp is to provide digital accessibility training that empowers attendees to create quality, accessible learning environments and remove barriers.

Juli 2021



Im Kontext der Barrierefreiheit bietet das IKT-Forum Information und Austausch insbesondere zwischen Personen mit/ohne Beeinträchtigungen aus Theorie und Praxis, Personen aus der Wissenschaft und Entwicklung, Personen aus Betreuungsberufen sowie pädagogischen Berufen.

September 2021

Inclusive Design 24 #id24

| Online

Inclusive Design 24 (#id24) is a free 24-hour online event for the global community. It celebrates inclusive design and shares knowledge and ideas from analogue to digital, from design to development, from planners to practitioners, and everything and everyone in between.

Languages & the Media

| Berlin

The 13th international conference will bring together leading academic experts and key industry stakeholders for a packed programme of workshops, presentations and panels that will focus on the latest trends and developments in the world of media localisation and access services.

Oktober 2021

Magnify Conference

| Online

The Inclusive Design and Research Conference. Through inclusive design and research, we can identify and prioritise those who are currently being left out or face the most barriers in our products, services and systems .

M-Enabling Forum Europe

| Düsseldorf

Digitale Barrierefreiheit und Assistive Technologien: Die dritte Ausgabe des M-Enabling Forum Europe findet während der REHACARE in Düsseldorf statt.


| Online

International ACM SIGACCESS Conference on Computers and Accessibility. The ASSETS conference is a forum for presenting research on the design, evaluation, use, and education related to computing for people with disabilities and older adults.

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Über die neuesten Zugänge auf unserer Veranstaltungsliste und die nächsten Veranstaltungen informiert dich unser Newsletter.

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